January 2024
Industrialization of the 1st kineis nanosatellites

Our partner Hemeria has begun the production of the 25 nanosatellites.
he first 4 nanosatellites are currently being manufactured to build the batch of the first 5 satellites (4 + the flight model satellite, the Proto-Flight Model) which will take off next June from New Zealand

January 2024
Your Drawing in Space

The 15 children winners of the "Your Drawing in Space" competition were received with their parents at Hemeria in Toulouse, where the satellites are produced, to admire their engraved drawings. The drawings were engraved on metal plates ready to be integrated into the satellites before their launch this summer.

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January 2024
Announcement of the first launch window
November 2023
Electromagnetic testing of Proto-Flight Model in anechoic chamber

The Kinéis and Hemeria teams carried out ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) tests on the Proto-Flight Model (PFM) of the Kinéis satellite
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November 2023
Technical qualification tests
The joint Kinéis-CNES teams carried out with success the technical qualification tests for the delicate Launch Early Operations Phase (LEOP).
November 2023
Twelfth ground station in Chile
September 2023
Kinéis sets up its eleventh ground station in Toronto
August 2023
The proto-flight model stands up to the shock of vibrations!

Teams from Kinéis and Hemeria  carried out vibration tests on the Proto-Flight Model (PFM)
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July 2023
Tenth ground station in New Caledonia
July 2023
Ninth ground station in Gabon
July 2023
Thermal VACuum tests
July 2023
Eighth ground station in French Polynesia
French Polynesia hosts the 8th ground station
June 2023
Opening of our Singapore subsidiary
The Kinéis representative office in Singapore becomes a subsidiary and covers all countries in the Asia-Pacific region.
June 2023
Seventh ground station in Indonesia
Kinéis sets up its 7th ground station in Indonesia
May 2023
Proto Flight Model
Integration of first flight model nears completion
March 2023
Sixth ground station in South Africa
Two additional antennas are installed in South Africa
February 2023
Fifth ground station o, Réunion Island
Installation of the 5th ground station with two antennas
December 2022
Your drawing in space
15 winning children's drawings from the "Your drawing in space" competition will be engraved and integrated into the satellites.
December 2022
First AIS and UHF+S antennas
Receipt of the first flight models of the AIS and UHF+S antennas for integration into the PFM satellite (proto flight model)
October 2022
Fourth ground station in Canada
October 2022
Third station in Guyana
Third ground station deployed in French Guyana
September 2022
Second station in Sweden
The ground station in Sweden, located near the pole, consists of 4 antennas
August 2022
Opening of our subsidiary in Brazil
Kinéis sets up in Rio to develop the South American market.
May 2022
First ground station in Toulouse
Kinéis deploys the first of its 20 ground stations near Toulouse
January 2022
Opening of a subsidiary in Washington
Kinéis expands into the US market
September 2021
Kinéis to take off with Rocket Lab
With five dedicated Electron launcher, Rocket Lab guarantees the flexibility and customized approach needed to open up the entire Kinéis space IoT connectivity service.
April 2021
First antenna tests
First antenna performance tests in BCMA room (compact antenna measurement base) carried out at Cnes
February 2020
Fundraising of 100 million euros
Kinéis becomes the first constellation of nanosatellites dedicated to IoT, fully financed
June 2018
Creation of Kinéis
Initiated and supported by Cnes (the French space agency) and CLS, Kinéis has inherited 40 years of expertise in data collection.

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